Love Your Community

Enjoying your luxury lifestyle should extend beyond your threshold. You can enjoy a wide arrange of dining and entertainment options when you live at the Alexan Aspect luxury apartment homes in Fullerton California. You can enjoy a lifestyle that includes a delicious restaurant scene. You can enjoy apartment and community features and amenities that give you plenty to love and plenty to share. Regardless of the spacious layout or floor plan you choose, you will love living where your comfort is the primary focus. Live life now.

Health, Food, Love

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle is important. How you exercise and especially, how you eat, can affect how you feel. Luckily you can enjoy Rutebegorz for local health foods. In their own words “Back in 1970 this small “hippie joint” opened its doors in Fullerton to an unsuspecting town. Little did this city know what a trend setter Rutabegorz restaurant would become. Serving only coffee and desserts, in the beginning, Rutabegorz has since evolved into one of Orange County’s favorite health food restaurants…Along with many vegetarian dishes, Ruta’s also serves white breast of chicken, turkey, albacore tuna and assorted lean deli meats…As usual, we use only the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables. And, our homemade desserts, well, they’re sinful but oh-so-hard-to-resist and worth the extra cheating…Remember: You are what you eat from your head to your feet. Don’t be a fast-food junky. You can feel good and energetic while enjoying all that your body needs.” Eat well today!

Love your community when you live at the Alexan Aspect luxury apartment homes in Fullerton California today!

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