Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana Near Aspect

Something about a warm slice of pizza is almost comforting. One of the best comfort foods out there, especially when made right, is a commodity today, and finding a shop besides one of the bigger chains nearby can be a true blessing. With Alexan Aspects luxury apartments in Fullerton, we can offer a great suggestion as to where you can get your hands on the most authentic Italian pizza the city has to offer, Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana, where you can sink your teeth into a slice and instantly be at ease.


Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana is exactly that place. Featuring a handcrafted oven built near Naples wood burning at 1000 degrees, the authentic process of making real Italian pizza starts with the cooking at Fuoco. Importing all their ingredients directly from Italy,...

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Our Active Fullerton Apartment Community Amenities

Perhaps one of the most common New Year’s resolutions made by hopeful people every year is health related: the desire to lose weight, to eat less junk food, to take better care of their physical and mental...

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Apartment Amenities with Finesse and Function

There’s a common idea around that fashion and practicality don’t mix very well, particularly in the sense of clothing. Stunning gowns, glittery heels, and pristine make-up take up time, money, and a lot of pain...

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One-Bedroom Apartments with New Dimensions

Lofts give you a sense of suspension that’s hard to achieve with any other home style; after all, they’re a separate room and exist in their own level, making it the perfect quiet spot for seclusion. It grants...

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Perks of the Community Amenities at Alexan Aspect in Fullerton, CA

When looking for an apartment, sometimes the interiors or floor plans just aren’t enough to sell you on a place. Sometimes you want something a bit more, like a neighborhood with plenty to do, or a good deal of...

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