Fullerton Luxury Apartments done right at Alexan Aspect

When you begin your search for a luxury apartment in California, you have to think about a few things before you even begin the real search, that way you won’t be lost in the sea of choices presented to you. You have to ask what area you wish to live in. What sort of amenities do you absolutely need and what tops the list of your most wanted? What kind of floor plan are you after to accommodate you best? Once you have a clear picture in mind of your ideal apartment, the search becomes easy. When you decide on Fullerton it becomes even easier, as the one real destination for Fullerton luxury apartments is right here at Alexan Aspect, where we provide the best amenities, location, and a myriad of floor plans all to satisfy all your needs and wants.


Firstly, Alexan...

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Best One Bedroom Apartment in Fullerton with Alexan Aspect

When searching for apartments here in California, a myriad of choices will be presented to you in many different locations, and once you’ve picked a location, the next step is to decide what sort of floor plan...

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The Summit House: Fine Food and Finesse at Fullerton

Fine dining gives a unique venue for making a celebration, whether you’re merely rewarding yourself for surviving the week, marking another birthday from the calendar, enjoying the benefits of a promotion or raise...

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Orange County Apartments for Community and Friends

Almost everyone can agree on this fact: friends are awesome. The best ones make you laugh until your sides are sore, let you cry on their shoulder or comfort you when times are harsh, and simply have your back at...

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Apartments in Fullerton with Beauty Unparalleled

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to aesthetics. Some people love dark accents to go along with an otherwise light atmosphere for added sophistication and maturity, some like light, airy designs and...

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