A Sky-High Experience

Almost everyone has been on a plane these days, with modern avionics that makes getting from point A to B so much easier, yet few could say that they’ve FLOWN a plane, or had taken a private tour of the city skylines from an old-fashioned airplane. There’s something so exhilarating about piloting a jet plane through the skies all on your own or peering out below without a window to get in the way. Here at Alexan Aspect in Fullerton, our great location lets you experience all these things, simply from making a call.

Sky Thrills is a unique flight program made for those who enjoy a more hands-on experience; their main office is located only four miles away – an eight-minute drive from our complex. Featuring modern refurbished planes styled from the classic era of avionics...

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Yes, More Fun Playing Games

Games of all kinds have been a reliable source of entertainment since the beginning when our ancestors played with sticks and stones. Whether you’re a fan of sports, physical games such as tag, or challenges guaranteed to knock your socks off – like skydiving; or you happen to keep things calmer with some cards, a Rubik’s cube, a board, or even a console, Alexan Aspect in Fullerton has...

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Apartments Have a New Aspect

California is one of those great states that lives in both the past and the future: its traditions live on through the timeless views of the mountains, the golden stars on Hollywood Square, and the endless blue of the western horizon – a combination of blue skies and the vast Pacific Ocean, while the future speeds through with new talents, new grapes to be churned into wine, and of course...

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Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartment, None of the Drama

So, the dash for the perfect lease has begun this summer and you have chosen to go in it with a roommate. While there is a certain portion of the world who would say this is madness, it actually isn’t. Most of...

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The Sounds of summer in Fullerton, CA

If you haven’t noticed, the summer of 2017 has officially started kicking off. This is generally when you can get together with your fellow community members and enjoy great events and festivities. The Fullerton, CA area gives all you need in entertainment in the surrounding cities, and in the city limits! At the luxury apartment community of Alexan Aspect, We believe that you gain more...

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